Victor First 5

Victor Hi-Pro PlusVictor Multi-ProVictor Performance
With Glucosamine
Victor ProfessionalVictor Beef Meal
Brown Rice
Victor Chicken
Brown Rice
Victor Lamb
Brown Rice
Victor Ocean Fish
With Salmon
Victor Senior
Healthy Weight
Victor Yukon River
Grain Free
Victor Hero
Grain Free
Beef MealGrain SorghumBeef MealBeef MealBeef MealChicken MealLamb MealMenhaden Fish MealBeef MealMenhaden Fish Meal Beef Meal
Grain SorghumBeef MealGrain SorghumGrain SorghumGrain SorghumGrain SorghumWhole Grain Brown RiceGrain SorghumWhole Grain Brown RicePeasPeas
Chicken FatChicken FatWhole Grain MilletWhole Grain MilletWhole Grain Brown RicePeasWhole Grain MilletPeasWhole Grain MilletChicken FatSweet Potato
Pork MealChicken MealChicken FatChicken FatChicken FatWhole Grain MilletChicken FatChicken FatGrain SorghumGarbanzo BeanChicken Fat
Chicken MealPork MealBlood MealBlood MealPork MealWhole Grain Brown RicePeasWhole Grain MilletChicken FatDehydrated SalmonMenhaden Fish Meal
50 Pound Bag50 Pound Bag40 Pound Bag40 Pound Bag40 Pound Bag40 Pound Bag40 Pound Bag40 Pound Bag40 Pound Bag30 Pound Bag30 Pound Bag
List of the first 5 ingredients in our Victor dog food.

Our First Five

Old BlueCanidaeExclusiveHi-Point SupremeHi-Point Moderately Active
Meat and Bone MealLamb MealChickenChicken MealPork Meal
Cooked Yellow CornBrown RiceChicken MealPork MealGround Wheat
Wheat Mill RunCracked Pearled BarleyWhole Grain Brown RiceGround WheatHominy
Ground WheatRice BranOatmealGround CornWhole Grain Ground Corn
Soybean MealPeasBrewers RiceWhole Grain SorghumWhole Sorghum Grain
40 Pound Bag44 Pound Bag30 Pound Bag50 Pound Bag50 Pound Bag
The first five ingredients make up 95% of your dogs food.

Their First Five

NutroBenefulBlue BuffaloRachael RayDiamondOl'RoyPedigreeDog Chow4 HealthPro Plan
Brewers RiceBeefDeboned ChickenChickenChicken By-Product MealGround Yellow CornGround Whole CornWhole Grain CornTurkeyChicken
Rice BranWhole Grain CornChicken MealChicken MealWhole Grain Ground CornMeat And Bone MealMeat And Bone MealChicken By-Product MealTurkey MealCorn Gluten Meal
ChickpeasBarleyBrown RiceGround RiceWheat FlourSoybean MealCorn Gluten MealCorn Gluten MealGarbanzo BeansBrewers Rice
Split PeasRiceBarleySoybean MealChicken FatPoultry By-Product MealAnimal FatSoybean MealLentilsAnimal Fat
Whole Brown RiceWhole Grain WheatOatmealWhole Grain CornBrewers RiceAnimal FatSoybean MealAnimal FatPeasPoultry By-Product Meal
30 Pound Bag31.1 Pound Bag30 Pound Bag40 Pound Bag40 Pound Bag50 Pound Bag50 Pound Bag50 Pound Bag30 Pound Bag50 Pound Bag
$ 49.99$ 30.00$ 45.99$ 40.72$ 49.39$ 19.98$ 22.98$ 22.98$ 37.99$ 59.49
The first five ingredients make up 95% of your dogs food.